About Us

The TSBC is an association of associations each of which represents their market grouped industry sector.
It is only when these natural affinity groups meet that the wealth of common knowledge can be released. Thus it is that TSBC’s role in facilitating the meetings of trade associations whose members are predominately small businesses is paramount to providing informed insights and advice to both governments and the small business sector as a whole.

One of the more difficult tasks confronting business and government leaders is gathering knowledge about the interests and needs of the owners and managers in the small business and micro business sector.

An obvious difficulty for owners of small and micro businesses is the absolute necessity to spend their time working “in the business” while those with larger numbers of employees take a more managerial role and begin to spent some of their time working “on the business” This fact alone affords the opportunity to interact with their peers, participate in external learning and contribute their expertise and experience to their business sector.

If small business is, as recently defined by AMP “The engine room of the Australian economy” then understanding the wealth of knowledge in the SME sector that fuels this engine room is of vital importance both for the enterprises themselves and their tax derived contribution to the state and country.

How could this knowledge be gathered? What would be useful and to whom? And who can do it?

The Tasmanian Small Business Council (TSBC) recognises this need and seeks to provide the representative voice of small business in Tasmania.

The role of TSBC is not to be the fountain of knowledge but rather to provide a vehicle through which the aspirations, hopes and needs of small business can be articulated. Equally there is a need to identify and seek to remove the possible barriers to business success.

It is appropriate to recognise that the business of “business” is not the operational activity required to fulfil the market needs of individual customer segments but rather those common actions which management advisors describe as “working on the business”

It is for this reason that TSBC has among its objectives the intention to provide the vehicle to gather the relevant knowledge and, where appropriate use the information to support educational activity and lobby to reduce or remove the barriers that limit success in the small business sector.

The resources to address future needs of the state can only come from the generation of new wealth. While there is always talk of governments investing in development activity, government only re distributes funds garnered from the productive success of individuals and business

The Council is also represented on COSBOA, the Council of Small Business of Australia.

Some of our major supporters

Geoff Fader
Group Training Australia – Tas

Elizabeth Skirving
Elizabeth SkirvingTREASURER
CEO Rural Business Tasmania
Paul BottomleyDep Chair
Professional Plumbing – Representing Master Plumbers Association.
Malcolm Little
Malcolm LittleDIRECTOR
Malcolm is the CEO of the Tasmanian Automobile Chamber of Commerce.
Katrina Mundy
Katrina MundyDIRECTOR
Katrina is a small business owner and Managing Director of Mundy’s Meats. Katrina represents the Australian Meat Industry Council.
Grant Hinchcliffe
Grant HinchcliffeDIRECTOR
Grant is the CEO of IGA Tasmania. This organisation wholesales to the vast majority of small Tasmanian grocery and convenience stores.
Becher Townshend
Becher is the Managing Director of one of Tasmania’s foremost PR firms Font PR.
Robert Mallett