Today the Tasmanian Small Business Council Executive Officer Robert Mallett called for the small business sector to demonstrate leadership during Tasmania’s current challenging energy situation.

‘Simple measures such as putting a jumper on first thing in the morning rather that a quick flip of the heater switch or filling the kettle from the cold tap and not the hot tap are simple, easy and cost efficient ways in which we can all do our part to ease the energy burden. Best of all is that every energy saving measure we use will also save us cash’, Mr Mallett said in Hobart today.

‘Small businesses are heartened by the message from the Tasmanian Energy Minister, Hon Matt Groom, that the state’s energy needs are covered and brown outs and blackouts will not occur and that small business people will be able to continue their enterprise without interruption.’

‘However, this is a fantastic time to take stock of the way we use our energy both in the home and at the workplace and any measure that will both reduce energy usage and save money is worth us spending some time over and discussing with our families and staff members.’

‘The energy saved by these measures may not be huge, but in tight economic times, every little counts. The site is a veritable goldmine of energy saving tips and should be mandatory browsing for every small business operator’, he said.

Mr Mallett went on to say that, ‘sincere thanks should go to the Hydro engineers who have, under the most trying circumstances, kept the turbines running, managed in super short time to enable emergency measures and enabled Tasmanians to maintain a normal way of life’.