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TSBC charged up over electricity cross subsidies

Upon the release today of the latest report into the Tasmanian energy market highlighting that Tasmanian small businesses subsidise all other Tasmanian energy users by up to $10 million dollars, CEO Robert Mallett today declared that ‘enough was enough’. The Tasmanian Small Business Council (TSBC) has been concerned for some time that Tasmanian small business [...]

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Report finds Tasmanian Gas Market at significant risk of failure

TSBC Report Tasmanian Gas Market August 2016  Tasmania's gas market is a wasted resource and at significant risk of failure without comprehensive reform to make it more competitive and attractive to the small business sector. This is a key finding of the first comprehensive analysis of Tasmania's 13-year old gas industry prepared by the state's [...]

2016-08-22T06:29:18+11:00August 22nd, 2016|

Small Business Given Recognition in Budget

Hobart 26 May 2016 'Today's Tasmanian budget gives modest recognition for the small business sector and its value to the long term sustainability of our economy', said Robert Mallett, Executive Officer of the TSBC. 'The plan to achieve a surplus, grow infrastructure, save where possible and provide incentives for investment are all provided for in [...]

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Service Matters – Irrespective of your ability

A partnership between the Tasmanian Small Business Council (TSBC) and Speak Out Association (a Tasmanian advocacy group dedicated to supporting the needs of intellectually disabled adults) has led to the development of a resource (Service Matters) to be used by small and medium businesses and remind them of some truths when dealing with people with [...]

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Small Business people, energy austerity can be led by us!

Today the Tasmanian Small Business Council Executive Officer Robert Mallett called for the small business sector to demonstrate leadership during Tasmania’s current challenging energy situation. ‘Simple measures such as putting a jumper on first thing in the morning rather that a quick flip of the heater switch or filling the kettle from the cold tap [...]

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