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Penalty rates; and the biggest loser is…

Anachronistic and out dated workplace laws are slowly but surely dragging Australia to a point where people can’t get work and those with the capacity to employ will do so sparingly, reticently and with misgivings. The hoary old chestnut, which is maintaining current penalty rates, can only end in one way; increased unemployment and less [...]

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Priviledge of Employment Comes With Obligation

Recent calls by the social sector suggesting that businesses require a change of attitude and increased flexibility when considering their employment needs, do nothing more than create division and incredulity from small and medium business owners. Robert Mallett, Executive Office of the Tasmanian Small Business Council said that ‘comments like these demonstrate that the social [...]

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Mentoring and support for small business

The statewide Mentoring and Support sessions have been completed and were widely acclaimed as being very worthwhile and thought provoking. Links to the session content, where applicable and possible, will be added here in the near future. Session presenters or organisations are featured on the right hand margin and the thanks of the TSBC go [...]

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Transend tightens belt, still some notches to go

Transend’s Transitional Revenue Proposal 2014/15 – 2018/19 has demonstrated a range of cost reduction proposals but, in the eyes of the TSBC, they have another $80M of savings to pass on to the Tasmanian residential and small business sector’, said Robert Mallett, Executive Officer of the Tasmanian Small Business Council, in Hobart today. ‘Transend is required to [...]

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ACCC steps up to help the little guys

‘Today’s action by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to initiate legal proceedings against Coles over its alleged treatment of suppliers should give small business owners around the country some degree of comfort’, said Robert Mallett CEO of the Tasmanian Small Business Council in Hobart Today. ‘The competition watchdog has, for many years, been [...]

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Economic regulator should now rethink pricing strategy

In a submission delivered today to the Tasmanian Economic Regulator (TER), the Tasmanian Small Business Council called for a rethink on the reform strategy and retail price determinations made when it was fully expected that there would be two new energy retailers operating in the state. Executive Officer of the Tasmanian Small Business Council, Robert [...]

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